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What Hotels Need to Know About the California Consumer Privacy Act

By Jeff Venza, President & CEO Hotel management companies are asking, how does the new privacy act in California compare to the new European Union privacy law? Here is a side-by-side comparison which reveals a few things that hotels should know. The[...]

Infographic: 2017 Hasn't Been Easy

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Infographic: Top 5 Industries Breached Each Year

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Cybersecurity Disclosure Act of 2015

A recent article in CSO magazine references the Cybersecurity Disclosure Act (CDA) of 2015 (proposed last December) and the wide-reaching impact the passing of that law might have. Not least of which is the central role that company leadership must[...]

"Data Security 2016 w/ AGG and Heartland Payment Systems" Hospitality Webinar Series Q1 2016 Installment